Kitteh from the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats dispenses 2500-year-old advice.

Interview yesterday wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I turned down the wrong street and spend 15 minutes wondering where the heck 77th street was. Fortunately, I’d allowed some extra time in case of traffic or getting lost. The company president, a senior programmer, and a regular programmer did the interview. I was the most formally dressed person in the room (always a strange thing). They asked me about a whole bunch of stuff related to programming and system administration. They also said, “So you’ve done Java and PHP and Ruby coding at home, but you haven’t listed those things on your resume. You should do that! Put them in a ‘Hobbies’ section or something.” “Yeah, I know those things to some extent, but I’m not an expert in them. And I was trying to keep my resume short,” I replied. I also haven’t managed a huge mission-critical multinational giant machine cluster with thousands of users. But they liked it that the last time the power went out for longer than the UPS lasted, all I had to do was turn each machine back on, and everything Just Worked.

I’m the first person they interviewed for this. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. They also wanted a code sample, which I gave them. They might not like it. On the other hand, I gave a similar sample to Suzanne’s boss years ago when I was considering a job at the bank where she worked. Her boss thought it was pretty good. They won’t know anything until next week. Here’s hoping.

Trivia tonight. I think I’ll eat dinner at home and just get a pint at the pub. Gotta save money after all.