While I was getting groceries yesterday, I saw an old minivan with an enthusiastic and non-conventional paint job. The base color seemed to be green. There were amateur paintings of a mermaid, a T-Rex, a duck riding on top of a T-Rex, a lamp, seemingly random words including “vacuum” and “crow”, and strange mishmashes of stuff. It looked a bit like the picture above in terms of general style, although all the colors were much brighter on the minivan. The technical quality of the art wasn’t great. I could paint better pictures than some of the things on that van, and I’m not a very good painter. But the van was several hundred times more awesome than the BMW 5-series parked next to it.

I’m sure that the van’s owner’s neighbors complain that the van lowers their property values. However, I’d love to do something like this at some point. Most cars are really, really boring. A custom paint job may make a car unsellable, but it also increases the excellence of everywhere the car goes.