Yesterday, I did a very stupid thing, leaving the house without my spare car keys. So when I got to Steve’s house, the first thing I did was to lock my keys in my car. So my car was inaccessible and since my house key was on the same keyring as my car key, so was my house. Was it a problem? Yes. Was it insoluble? Oh heck no. After we ate a tasty fajita dinner with Steve’s family, we got in Steve’s car and drove to my place. It was locked. That actually wasn’t a huge problem, because [[ details elided. ]] It only took a few minutes for me to retrieve the spare house key, get in, and get my spare car key.

And then everything was cool, and we went back to Steve’s house. We’d just wasted 40 minutes driving back and forth. Then we discussed GTK+, Gdk, all the interesting things you can do with gdb, and other assorted programming and open-source topics.

Also saw a bumper sticker last night that said, “There is no such thing as Mad Tofu Disease”. Fair enough, but let me know when there is such a thing as tofu that tastes like bacon.