Where would the world of computing be without Adventure and Zork? Text adventure games stopped being commercially viable as soon as graphics got partially decent in the late 1980s. I think part of the problem was also that the puzzles in games like “Sorcerer” were really difficult, and most people are too lazy and too strapped for time to deal with difficult games.

Trivia: We won (again!) which was nice. The prize for “funniest team name” went to some people who had “UFOs seen over Phoenix, Sheriff Joe proposes Sky Fence.” There were apparently some strange lights in the sky over Phoenix last night. I didn’t see them; long years of living in central Michigan has conditioned me to not bother to look at the sky at night. 75% of the time, it’ll be too cloudy there to see anything. The UFOs are probably experimental aircraft from test facilities in Nevada. Or they could be saucers full of lizard people who want to eat all of Earth’s hamsters and enslave humanity.

Not a whole lot else to report.