Meerkats, with captions.

The gun show was interesting. Tons of people selling tons of things, mostly but not always related to firearms. It was really crowded, too. I saw some things that would be nice to have, but cost far too much money. I saw some other things that were completely ridiculous, like the metal replica of the “keyblade” from Kingdom Hearts, and an otherwise nice knife with a handle that was impractical because it was really uncomfortable to hold. And some more interesting things, like the 19th-century 4-barrel and 6-barrel pepperbox pistols. These are not particularly accurate weapons, but they’re kind of neat. I didn’t buy anything, just looked and hung out with Zach and Zach’s father-in-law.

Later on that day, we all got together for dinner at a pizza bistro. Then we all went over to Kelli’s house, where we gave her something she’d wanted for a while: A PS2, “Guitar Hero”, “Guitar Hero 2″, and the guitar controller. She had played this before and thought it was a fun game, so we all chipped in some money and bought these things used. Then, of course, we all had to play a few songs. I totally mangled “Thunder Kiss ’65″ because I had never played the game or used the controller before. I kept the meter in the green for about half of the song on “Shout At The Devil” the second time around, though. Nathan was probably the best of all of us at the game. It’s a fun game. However, to play it, I’d need to get a TV, a PS2, a guitar controller, and the game–far too much money to blow on frivolous things right now. “Pw0nage Hero” is one of the open-source projects that’s trying to emulate Guitar Hero, but there is no clear winner among those projects yet that I can see. Ah well, who needs games when you have a compiler and GTK+?

Then played a round of “Killer Bunnies”, a card game that has an unusually large number of strange rules.