One of the mountains in the fjords near Ketchikan, Alaska. The area is wild, inhospitable, beautiful, and cold. One of the women who was on the tour here dropped an expensive digital camera into this remote Alaskan lake. Oops.

I saw something that I thought looked like a memory leak in my program. (If it runs for 2 hours and leaks 128K, it’s a pretty slow leak, but it’s the principle of the thing.) So I built the program with ElectricFence and tried to run it. Imagine my surprise when the new build immediately barfed, complaining about errors within GTK+, mostly on GError and the semi-strange way in which you have to deal with GErrors. All right, I can’t debug my own code and GTK+ at the same time. I wonder whether valgrind might work better or whether it might barf on the same problems.

The Plan(tm) today is to go with Zach and Zach’s father-in-law to the Phoenix Gun Show in the morning. That should be interesting. Later on, we might be going to Kelly’s for dinner and bad movie night. We might be going to a restaurant instead. Things were a little up in the air when I last talked to everyone, but we’ll figure something out.