Fuzzball with PAWS OUT. She does this all the time when she sits on my lap. Sometimes with both paws, so she seems to be imitating a fuzzy Superman. Any oddness in the colors here is probably due to the flash being on at such close range.

One of my neighbors now has a “realtor lock” on his condo. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen anyone living in that condo, though. It’s not the same condo that had a foreclosure notice on it a couple of weeks ago.

gtk_text_buffer_serialize() isn’t as well-documented as it should be, since it produces invalid results unless you write a custom function for gtk_text_buffer_register_serialize_format(), or you pass NULL for the second arg of gtk_text_buffer_register_serialize_tagset(). Passing something other than NULL to that last function gives you a serialized text buffer of 0 length when you try to write one. As far as I can tell, the serialize functions are not used that much in applications, though I’m not sure why. Ah well, it’s not important, just something odd I noticed yesterday.