This is what I had last night when it came to graphics on the program. The images of the monsters are not 100% yet, of course–the yellow thing is just a placeholder and was created in 3 minutes using Gimp. What took the most time was actually getting the rounded rectangles working properly. GTK+ and GDK don’t include functions for drawing a rounded rectangle, so I had to roll my own using the functions for drawing arcs and ordinary rectangles.

Graphics are going to be the difficult part of this game. I am not as good at drawing things as I used to be. I have things that might work for rats, centipedes, mice, slimes, and kobolds. More complex things like lizard men and dragons may be beyond me right now. I’ve been copying Creative Commons-licensed images from PickyWeedia and tracing them, and altering public domain images from the same source for the monsters that can be partially related to realistic images. For other things, I’m trying hard to make it so that the images involved were created by me. When it comes time to distribute this, I don’t want any hassles with licensing.

Trivia tonight. We won the last 2 nights, so it probably means we won’t win this night. At least our dinners will be about half price tonight thanks to the gift card we won last week.