Some of the houses over water in Ketchikan, Alaska. The town is essentially built into the side of a mountain, and part of the town is close to/over a river. The sidewalks that are sitting on pilings here must be a total pain to maintain.

Yesterday, right before going to my interview, I got a call from John. He said that some guy at Chrysler did something less than smart (posting the CEO’s personal e-mail address on a blog.) As a result, everyone who they could prove had read that blog was either fired or was going to be fired. John had read that blog. Therefore, John is now looking for another job.

To reiterate: A number of people were fired because they read something that some manager did not approve of. That should scare you. This is a classic management blunder, and it’s going to bite Chrysler in the arse. I know now that I’ll never buy a Chrysler car, because there’s no way incompetence and malice like that should be rewarded.

The interview went well. They had me fill out a bunch of paper forms and take a couple of multiple-choice tests. I rocked the tests, and found there were a couple of errors in the Linux test they gave me. It’s been possible to have a swap file or swap partition larger than 512M since roughly 2000, and you don’t use ipchains to set up a firewall on modern systems. You use iptables. Oh well, write a test and keep using it for 5 years, it’s cheaper that way. They didn’t seem interested in fixing the test. I should mail them and give them specifics on where that test is wrong and precisely what to do to fix it.