A squirrel monkey at the Phoenix Zoo.

The recruiter said that the company was taking a long time to decide which candidates would be called in and that I should check back on Thursday. OK then. Then later in the afternoon, I got an e-mail from someone who claims to be a recruiter who wants to know if there are any Linux admins looking for work. So I replied. We’ll see what’s up there.

Trivia last night. It took forever. It didn’t start until 8:30 (usually starts at 8:00). But we won (yay!) and divided up our winnings from last week. I ended up with several Johnny Cash CDs, “Joe Dirt”, and “Stand By Me”.

And the old workplace text-messaged me yesterday wanting to know what the root password was for one of the machines I’d set up. It was, IIRC, the same as all the other root passwords of all the machines I’d set up. I replied via text message and told them that. They didn’t call back, which was good. Mostly because trying to text from something without a QWERTY keyboard is a complete pain.

It’s really odd that they’d ask me this, since there are a number of LiveCDs that allow you to change the root password on any ‘Doze or Linux box if you have physical access to the hardware. I left at least 2 of those LiveCDs in my desk drawers when I left. Well, they might not have known about that.