Hairless guinea pigs look funny. They also like to be petted more than regular guinea pigs do.

After some fiddling around, we got Bad Movie Night on track. Everyone went over to Kelly’s house at about 6pm. I brought a bunch of my signature Bonehead Enchiladas, everyone else provided rice, beans, chips, homemade salsa, sour cream, pop, Shiner Bock, Merlot, and a dessert that was spelled “pazouki” or something like that. This was essentially chocolate chip cookie dough baked in an oven for a few minutes (slightly less than the directions on the dough said?) then removed from the oven and covered with several scoops of vanilla ice cream.

We had dinner, and then had to decide whether to play trivia or watch “Mansquito” or watch “The Ice Pirates”. Trivia won out. The question packs we were using had a ton of TV and movie questions. What with talking and hanging out between trivia rounds, we never got to either of the bad movies. I left at 11:15pm because I knew Fuzzball would wake me up early no matter what I did. We’ll have to save “Mansquito” for another night.