The company that was interested in me is actually named SetFocus, and as far as I can tell, SetFocus is running a scam. That’s just one of many hits that you get from searching on “setfocus scam”. Heck, Dice users think SetFocus is suspicious too. Lessee, paying $19,000 for a non-accredited course of study, then being told to lie on a resume and in job interviews, then having recruiters throw that resume in the trash because SetFocus has a bad reputation. Sounds great. NOT.

Yay for search engines. Of course, this means I have to find something else. It sounded somewhat fishy from the get-go, but they were about the only people who’ve expressed any interest in my abilities so far.

Found something yesterday with an actual legit company that sounds perfect, “senior Linux scripting programmer”. I applied as fast as I could. They will probably find a way to give it to someone else, of course.

Note to self: Having 2 identifiers, NV_SIZE and N_SIZE, both different, can cause a stupid and hard-to-diagnose bug when you type N_SIZE and you mean NV_SIZE. Yay for gdb making it possible to see what was really going on. However, I’ve got the saving and loading code working in the trivial test cases. And there was much rejoicing.