No time to edit a photo or drawing last night, so have a fractal.

Trivia last night was a little odd. We missed a few questions and came in third (one point behind second place, two points behind first place). So we all left, saying, “Well, that’s annoying, oh well, better luck next week.” So most of us went to our cars. Then one of the pub employees came out and said, “Hey, wait, where are you going?” It turned out that that was the last game of the series, and we were leading every other team by about 20 points. So we won a $100 gift card and a box of DVDs and CDs. All right! We’ll have to divide the stuff up next Tuesday.

Interview went OK yesterday. I should be getting a call from the recruiter sometime today.

My project (well, the parts that don’t involve graphics) is almost done. Everything’s in place except for the loading and saving code and it looks like it all works properly. I have to write some plot files that aren’t just tests, and make sure the loading/saving code is mostly foolproof. Then I’ll have something roughly equivalent to a demo.