My new Amex card has an evil RFID chip on it. I guess this means the Interstellar Wombat Cartel will be tracking my every movement to further their nefarious agenda. I remember hearing about something dreamed up by a tinfoil-hatter that was essentially a small copper mesh box that you could put RFID-carrying credit cards/small devices in. It wouldn’t be a perfect Faraday cage, of course, but would drastically reduce signal. I think.

Talked with the vet specialist. He said that as far as he could tell, there’s no reason to perform major surgery on Fuzzball as her temporal-mandibular joints aren’t that bad. One side of her jaw is slightly arthritic, that’s it. What he’d like to see is a video of Fuzzball while she’s eating or drinking or experiencing mouth pain. This may be somewhat more difficult to get than I’d like. Though Fuzzball doesn’t mind being photographed, my current camera can only take about 15 seconds of video at a time, and it can’t record sound.