A heron in flight from Michigan.

Not much to report. Mailed a recruiter about the job I asked about last week, he said, “Oh yeah, they’re understaffed and can’t respond as fast as anybody’d like, give them until Tuesday.” Waiting on other people… how fun. And someone called my cellphone at 6am, then hung up immediately after I’d picked it up. Really, if you’re going to fat-finger a phone# so early in the morning, at least have the decency to say, “Sorry, wrong number.”

The programming project is going relatively well. Main problem is that in GTK+, everything is either event-driven (user presses button, function X gets called) or timer-driven (every N milliseconds, function Y gets called). User input is going to be relatively minimal, which means I have to fall back on a periodic timer for the main event loop. This is sort of inelegant. Well, I would’ve had to do the same thing no matter what widget set I used. Now to test out the keyfile parser and make sure it works properly….