An old-school Mini from the Woodward Dream Cruise. This car was small enough to fit in the back of a mid-sized SUV.

Apparently, Fuzzball needs to see a veterinary dental specialist. FSM only knows how much that’s going to cost.

Condo association meeting tonight, which overlaps with trivia night. It’s annoying, this cuts into time spent with friends, but I have to go. The last meeting was actually OK. Most of the other owners were fairly reasonable people with reasonable concerns and problems. Popular stereotypes say that HOAs are full of annoying whiny nosy people who want to regulate what color your walls are and what kind of car you can drive. There was only one person like that at the last meeting–she complained that her daughter’s parking space was 4 inches narrower than some other parking spaces in the complex. Never mind that over half the parking spaces in the complex are that size, and everyone else can deal with it. Maybe if fewer people drove gigantic-ass SUVs then they’d have less of a problem with parking.