So yesterday the vet sedated Fuzzball and did some X-rays of her mouth. He found no problems with the teeth (besides tartar buildup, removed with an ordinary dental cleaning). Her right fang has a small fracture at its tip, but there’s no damage to the root of the tooth. The real problem, he thinks, is with her jaw itself. X-rays show that on the right side of her mouth, the condyle (spur of bone) on her lower jaw isn’t fitting smoothly into the socket of the upper jaw. This could obviously cause her a lot of pain.

Surgery to correct the problem by removing both condyles, leaving her with a floppy jaw but without jaw pain, would be relatively expensive. Vet says that indoor cats can get along just fine without condyles and live for years with no ill effects. If she hasn’t shown improvement in a couple of weeks, I may have to do this. Why’d this have to happen now, when I don’t have a bloody job?

Pictures related to this later, as I have to set the scanner up again to get the pictures loaded.

UPDATE:  pictures of the X-rays below.  Film->image->printout->scanner->JPEG sort of messes with quality,  but what the heck.