Here we see Adam Crack exploding a can of Pepsi using a bullwhip at the AZ Renaissance Fair yesterday. Sorry, this is the best picture of his act that I got, and the ones I took of the whips that were on fire were just not good at all.

The fair was interesting. Carpooled with John, met Zach and Sara there, also met Nathan there. I didn’t know if Nathan was going to come or not, so it was a pleasant surprise to see him. We all saw a bunch of the shows and had authentic medieval fried chicken and chips and spent a lot of time walking around and people-watching. Many of the shops there were selling things like pewter dragons, wooden swords, jewelry, and all kinds of fantasy-themed art. The shops selling handmade boots, leather armor, and weapons were more interesting. They looked well-made, and really, who wouldn’t want a wakizashi hanging on the wall?

Everything really interesting was out of my price range though. I settled for food and giving a couple of bucks to the performers whose shows I enjoyed. Dexter Tripp, rope-walker, contortionist, juggler, and daredevil, was especially entertaining and we went to see two of his shows. Pictures of his act in the next post.

There were a lot of people who’d brought kids. Well, the organizers had carefully marked a few of the shows as “possibly not suitable for young kids”, which is important to some parents. All in all, a Ren Faire is a good day out, although it got kind of hot towards the end of the afternoon. 85 F and not a cloud in the sky (typical AZ weather for late March, AFAICT.)