This Coke bottle is 4 stories tall, and the interior of it is a store selling all kinds of cheap Coke merchandise. It really sums up the touristy parts of Las Vegas in a lot of ways.

The autoconf and automake utilities have a real documentation gap. I thought autoheader was supposed to find all the header dependencies in a set of C or C++ programs, and squawk if important headers are not found or unfindable. Well, it doesn’t quite work like that. You have to write rules for all the headers , include directories, and libraries manually in another file. The online tutorials don’t mention this, naturally. However, there are plenty of relatively simple programs out there that use autoconf and have already-working and files. I’ll probably end up taking one of those programs and modifying its working setup, rather than trying to write something from scratch.

The program is working, but there’s currently no way for users to save files or load them. That makes it less than useful. Saving and loading shouldn’t be difficult, but doing all the necessary error-checking will be semi-tedious. At least I can use GtkFileChooserDialog for the user interface part of the load and save functions.

Finished reading Armor by John Steakley. It was interesting, but I thought it was flawed. It started by telling Felix’s story, which was fairly interesting, then switched to Jack’s story, which was only tenuously connected to Felix’s story and much less interesting. And it took over a hundred pages before Felix showed up again and the connection between the two stories became clear. Although the main characters got their conflicts and plots mostly resolved, there was no resolution to the whole problem with the ants. Oh well.