One of the performers at the Ren Faire used these 2 ducks in his act. He had a sign that said, “Beware of Attack Duck”, but when I took a picture of the ducks and the sign, I cut off the bottom of the sign. So I’ve reproduced the sign in a caption.

We got first place in trivia last night, which was great. Zach and Nathan also had this idea for doing something which sounded like a low-budget 80s movie.

There were fewer employers at the job fair than I’d expected, and most of them were looking for people to do sales. Entry-level sales is one of those things that has a high burnout rate, so this is not surprising. It’s also not for me. A few employers were offering positions doing technical things. Most of these employers didn’t have anyone who could evaluate technical resumes though. So I handed several copies out to people who said they’d have other people look at them. Also, multiple employers said, “Um, go look at our website for all available opportunities.” I expect that if I apply online for anything, whoever reads my online app will say, “Oh, did you talk to our flesh-and-blood recruiters? They have better knowledge of positions in….”

On the other hand, I heard from one of the folks at the Phoenix Police recruiting booth that the city government of Phoenix might have some open positions for the technical things that I can do. Being a government employee might be OK. One of the guys in the Lansing Linux Users Group worked for the state of Michigan, and he said that was a pretty good gig with only a few bad things about it. We’ll see how it works out.