An abstract drawing I did a long time ago. I don’t have that many more drawings that are worthy of publishing.

So I have some programming junk I’d like to get done. SDL will work great for the graphics portion of it, since it’s fast, simple, and contains everything I need to composite images that have an alpha channel. However, it’s terrible at doing text. GTK+ will work great for the sub-windows that have text in them. However, its graphics functions are a lot more complex and may be more of a pain to deal with. Hmm… ah! gdk_pixbuf_add_alpha() may be the thing that I need to use. If it’s fast enough, I may be able to use GTK+ for everything.

It’s possible to use both GTK+ and SDL in the same application. This is something I’d like to avoid though, since it means more dependencies and a greater chance of stuff going wrong.

Something that’s slightly closer to being finished is a web app that I started writing in 2000 and has been languishing forever since I had no site to put it on. It’s actually a finished product, but the current version is written using CGI-Perl, which is apparently terribly gauche. No one’s using Perl to write dynamic web pages now, it’s all PHP or Ruby on Rails.