More old raytracing pics. I tried to regenerate the good definition for the “X1″ spaceship that got deleted, and got this.

Been banging on my programming project. It’s almost in a semi-usable state. It needs tons of graphics and I’ve only drawn about 4 of those. The parts without graphics are working fairly well. What comes next? Code cleanup! While it works, there’s a chunk of ugliness currently in the main loop that really needs to be a separate function. Also, I need to write saving and loading code, and improve the error handling so that it doesn’t crash even if the data files are totally messed up, and find out how to set up automake/autoconf so that it can be built on other systems with minimal fuss.

I haven’t heard anything from the vet about the results of Fuzzball’s CAT scan. This is a little odd, but at least she’s still eating and drinking and meowing.

Technical interview on Tuesday with the company where I took those 3 tests. I rocked 2 of the tests and probably got a mediocre score on the 3rd. So anything could happen on the interview.