Dexter Tripp balancing on a ladder, while firecrackers taped to him are going off, and people are throwing water balloons at him. What’s not immediately apparent from the photo is that the ladder is not leaning against anything. Yes, he’s balancing the ladder, without the use of his hands, while things that he’s duct-taped to himself are exploding and people are throwing water balloons at him. I don’t know if this guy is entirely sane. But he does put on a good show.

Fuzzball Update: The vet said she’d improved some and had gained a little weight. But they still want to take a look at her temporal-mandibular joint using an ordinary X-ray with the addition of some contrasting dye to her bloodstream. (This costs less than a CAT scan and is almost as good for what they need to look at.) And the radiologist won’t be available until Thursday, so I have to bring her in again. I just hope she’ll be OK.

I went to Kinko’s to try to print off a bunch of copies of my resume for the job fair today. This was more annoying than I’d thought. I had to rent a computer at $0.40/minute, then find that the machine I rented wouldn’t see the USB keychain drive that I’d brought. Fortunately, the machine could see the Net, and I’d stashed a copy of my resume on the publicly-accessible parts of my web page. And then someone printed a really complex document that took the printer 3 minutes to render, and did it right before I printed my resume. Thank you, unnamed person, for costing me another $1.20.

If I have to do this one more time, it’d be worth it to buy a printer. I didn’t have one for a long time, because I almost never needed to print anything out and I could always use work’s printer if I did. Not any more. For lots of ephemeral stuff, paper is obsolete, yet there are people who insist on using it.