Well, it’s Easter, so here’s a captioned rabbit.

The Plan(tm) is to go to the Arizona Ren Faire today with Zach and Sara and John. This should be interesting. I’ve heard about these fairs but have never been to one. Hat, sunglasses, sense of humor, money, that ought to do it for preparation. Here’s hoping traffic on US-60 won’t be terrible. John said it often was, though. We’ll see what happens.

The config file parser is working fine (no bizarre runtime warnings reported) but getting it fixed was weird. Setting up the buttons can be done in several different ways. I did it one way, which worked. Then the buttons started behaving weirdly for no discernible reason. All the docs said the way I was configuring the buttons should work just fine. So I tried configuring the buttons the other way (which is slightly more verbose), and everything started working again. As a side effect, all the weird runtime warnings went away.

I’m used to incomplete and incorrect documentation making programming harder than it should be. This is a new one on me, since the GTK+/Glib documentation should be complete and correct. And then, I spent half an hour wondering why my lists were coming back as “0;5;3″, NULL, NULL when they should’ve come back as “0″, “5″, “3″. Turns out that the g_key_file_set_list_separator function wants (file,';'), and if you give it (file,";"), it won’t work. The compiler warns you about that, but I had all the warnings turned on, and I missed that important warning in a slew of non-important warnings.