Long ago, this was what the wall of my old office was like. I drew (or built the source in a text editor and then rendered, for the yin-yang, spaceships, and geometric solids + checkerboard metal) all the images displayed here. I took the paper down when the old company moved from Lansing to Holt, because I had a feeling they’d move again soon. That was correct; they moved to AZ and now I’m stuck here. I still have all of these pieces, but I haven’t put them up anywhere.

Fighting with Glib now. I have things working properly with the program dynamically building part of its interface from its config file at runtime. However, the program spews a bunch of completely silly and paranoid warnings to standard error when run from a konsole. I think I know why this is happening and a way to fix it, though. The Grand Plan is to make it so that people only have to change the config file and not the program’s code to change lots of things about the program’s behavior.

That’s not going to work completely.  I’m going to have to hard-code a number of things or the config file syntax will get too complicated to manage.  The key is to hard-code as little as possible.