A sign like this, complete with bad pseudo German, ought to be in every machine room.

Apparently, there’s a job fair on the 25th. It’s way the heck out in Glendale, but it might be worth going to.  Applied to more jobs yesterday, including a place that rents portable steel storage containers.  Hey, they need someone to run their computer systems.  Another place said they needed a system administrator, but the job description made it sound like a helldesk position.

I’ve got at least part of the framework for the programming thing I’ve been doing finished.  The remainder shouldn’t be insanely difficult, but it’s a little annoying that I have to work without the Gtk2-Perl SimpleList construct.  That made it really easy to do a number of useful things.  I hope to have the prototype (without graphics, graphics will take a while to put together) done in a few days.