Whales feeding off the coast of Juneau, AK. I have another shot where you can see a whale and a bald eagle in the same frame, but it’s a lousy picture.

Fuzzball started yowling at me at 4 am. I don’t know why she does this. It never works, I never get up before the alarm goes off.

The last time I went to the store, a gallon of milk was $2.89. A half gallon of milk was $1. I don’t know what could’ve caused that strange pricing, since it costs more to package a half gallon than a gallon. Or they had overestimated demand for half gallons previously, and had a huge surplus. Or the Vampire Lizard Sloths are putting radioactive potassium in the milk supply to corrupt our precious bodily fluids, and the strange prices are a result of that plan.

The portage system has real problems dealing with the expat XML-parsing library. I don’t know how to fix those problems for good, all I know how to do is work around them. So far, it’s worked.

Politics: Finally found the campaign websites for the mayor (who’s running unopposed) and the 7 people running for city council in Tempe. One of the candidates’ websites was set up incorrectly on that page. I don’t know if a guy who can’t get URLs right is capable of being on a city council, but then he probably had nothing to do with the .gov page and some poor shlub working for the city government fat-fingered it. 2 of the incumbents had pitiful websites that did not explain the politicians’ positions or plans. A couple of non-incumbent candidates had websites that went into reasonable detail about what their plans and priorities were. That combined with my gut feeling of “Throw the incumbents out, they probably bloody well deserve it,” will drive how I vote tomorrow. Too bad that all the politicians’ sites used lots of weasel words. It’s also too bad the mayor’s running unopposed. I’d like to have some sort of choice there, but my vote will not matter in that election.

It’s actually refreshing to see an election where none of the candidates are saying “OMG teh evil gay terrerist liberals!!1!” or “OMG teh evil warmongering corporate welfare conservatives!!1!!“. Then again, I get all my news through the Net, so I’ve missed any TV/radio coverage that could’ve had those things in it.