Fuzzball in her cat condo. She seems to be saying, “I do not approve of this, puny human!” Cat owners get that a lot.

Susan and her husband came over for dinner last night. They brought their dog, who’s old and recovering from an illness. Fuzzball didn’t get that upset at the dog, which surprised me. It helped that the dog stayed in a travel bag most of the night and didn’t move much. If he’d been healthy and running around barking, my cat would’ve either had a fit or hidden under the bed, even though the dog’s pretty small.

Apparently, things are going from bad to worse at the old company. Stupid politics, morons in management making decisions they’re not qualified for, lousy communication, people doing pointless make-work, and people doing the “This is not my fault! It’s someone else’s fault!” dance. It used to be a good company to work for, which is sad.

It’s 9:21am and I’m still not completely awake yet.   I can’t even blame DST because there is no DST in Arizona.  Bizarre bumper sticker I saw yesterday: “My Other Car Is A The Chariot”. English. You Are Fail It.