This North American Fuzzy Penguin is relaxing with a beer and the TV remote after a hard day of catching fish.

Fuzzball’s vet specialist appointment is at 9am today. I hope they can figure out what’s wrong with her if they can’t fix it.

Got a callback from one of the jobs I applied for. This is a good thing. No idea if they’re going to schedule an actual interview or not.

One of my neighbors said that a local employer was always looking for programming talent. He said that they don’t care much about the specific languages you know, more that you can design things and build things intelligently, exstensibly, and maintainably, and listen to the users and the testing team. Of course, he left the company in the early 1990s and things might have changed. Many companies now want to know if you have 10 years experience with a technology that has only been in existence for 7 years. It’s still something I will be following up on.

Susan and her husband are coming over for dinner. Yay! Instead of filet mignon, we’re having my signature beans, rice, tomatoes, sausage, onions, and spices meal. It’s good hearty peasant food, but not haute cuisine. I offered to cook any of the other things I know how to cook, but she said that’d be fine. So there you have it.

UPDATE: vet’s air compressor was broken and they didn’t know when it’d be fixed. So Fuzzball is going back on Tuesday. The main thing they could tell me was that she had a hairline fracture on the tip of one canine tooth. But no X-rays or anything today, since they can’t actually do anything. They also gave me 2 cans of high-calorie cat food since she’s lost weight. Ah well,