This is the Christmas tree that I set up a few months ago. At the time, I didn’t have any ornaments, but I had 4 stuffed penguins and some strong magnets. The solution was obvious. I bought some more traditional ornaments the next day.

Local elections soon (Friday) for the mayor and city council of Tempe. I need to Google the candidates and see if I can find the ones who are the least corrupt and stupid. I think Oregon has the right idea about voting: Oregon voters get ballots mailed to them weeks before the election, so they have plenty of time to research the candidates before marking the ballot and mailing it back.

drbd ate the partitions I was testing it on yesterday. Fortunately, I think I know what I did wrong, and there wasn’t anything important on those partitions. “Always mount a scratch monkey” like the old cliche goes.

What else… not much.