A 1934 Ford from the Woodward Dream Cruise a few years ago.

Yesterday, Steve took a short video of me talking about my skills and catching stuffed penguins. It was meant to be a 45-second pseudo-interview that’ll eventually go on Josh’s blog. So we got the MPEG-2 downloaded to his ‘Doze box, and none of us could figure out how to use various commercial programs to edit the video stream or resize it. I guess I’ll have to try cinelerra or something a bit later on and see if I can do better. In one of the takes, I said, “Hi, I’m Matt. I’m a skilled Linux system administ–loud noises and someone just started up a bloody lawnmower.” This is why the pros record the video and then record the sound later.

Preliminary interview with one of the recruiters today. Whee!