Opposite of a Tall Bus?Yes, it’s a low-rider school bus. This also came from the Dream Cruise a while back.

Phone interview yesterday. I botched part of it, but as far as I can tell, I nailed the rest of it. We’ll see what happens.

Ed and his family came over last night. They showed up a bit earlier than I was expecting, so I hadn’t started cooking dinner yet and there was a pen stuck to the chandelier with a very strong magnet. I’d done that while cleaning up, thought, “I need to move that before my guests get here,” and then gotten distracted by other things like scooping out the cat box. Ed’s daughter noticed this and I thought, “Oh duh.”

We had steak and potatoes, except for Ed’s daughter who had a hamburger because she doesn’t like steak. Fuzzball meowed a lot. Ed found the laser pointer and amused Fuzzball for a while, which she enjoyed. Ed’s wife took a copy of my résumé, which she said she’d show around to various places. She works for the Gilbert city government, and governments need people to do computer junk too. If the job with WeFlyPlanes doesn’t work out, maybe I can be a civil serpent servant.

Apparently, stupid things are happening at the old company. Too often, management treats Dilbert cartoons as if they were a HOWTO.