A heron, with ducks, from years ago when I still lived in Michigan and there was a small bit of marshy land behind my apartment.

Went to trivia last night with Zach and Nathan and Sara and Kelly and John and everyone.  We came in second.  The bar had just remodeled their kitchen, so there were only about 6 food items available.  This annoyed a lot of people, some of whom named their team, “If we have to eat this s___ then the beer should be cheaper!”  We were “Mongo only pawn in game of life”, continuing the Blazing Saddles theme.  There’s a small prize for the best team name, which is why everyone changes their name every week.  I don’t think we’ve ever won it.

A recruiter called me yesterday wanting to set up a preliminary interview.  Yay!  Who knows what’ll happen with that.

Ed’s coming over Thursday night for dinner.  That should be interesting.  He got laid off at the same time as I did.  And he’s worse off than I am, since he bought a more expensive house than I did and has a daughter.  I bought cheap and only have to support myself and Fuzzball.  Sigh.  Oh well, steak, potatoes,  and companionship.