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Russian state documents databases now say that Kyiv is part of Russia
nothing prompts goodwill gestures better than the smell of missile hits in the morning
the Secretary General proudly presents this award to Vladimir Putin for his outstanding achievement as the 2022 NATO salesman of the year
a trebuchet with a Yugo as the projectile, caption 'Latest Russia top secret weapon revealed the 'Trebyugofar!''
Ukraine pony with flowers


Warhammer 40K Space Marine saying 'That post is heresy, purge it!'

Someone said something complimentary about the F-35 very early on, which spawned a sub-thread.

kid in toy tractor towing Russian tank
the Black Knight, who has had his arms and legs chopped off, says, 'I will withdraw from Snake Island as a goodwill gesture'
Darth Putin: Day 129 of my 3 day war. I dreamed I was chased naked around an island by gang of snakes poking my ass with javelins shouting 'IT'S ONLY A GOODWILL GESTURE!!' I remain a master strategist
distracted boyfriend Thread looks at F-35, fantasy, A-10 instead of Ukraine war content


the Joker asking 'Where does Tracianne get all those wonderful booms?'
the girl you like (Ukraine) her uncle (USA) her brother (Poland) her besties (Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) her crush (Britain) you (Russia)
distraced boyfriend Fark looks at Coffee instead of Booze

(There was a coffee subthread, naturally.)

pony in muted Ukraine colors carries Ukrainian flag


When Putin finally found the real threat to Russia: Putin, as Fred from Scooby-Doo, pulls the mask off the bad guy, who is... Putin!
M777 firing, captioned 'Dear Ukraine, here's some free Orc-Be-Gone, love USA'
photo of Ukraine flag flying over Snake Island
Happy Independence Day to the American people. Ukraine will always remember your support in our struggle for freedom. Probably the best example of this is HIMARS which became a game changer at the front lines.
someone holding a kitten, captioned 'It's dangerous to go alone. Here, take this to protect you.'


Russian soldier: What his friends think he does (shoots self) What his mom thinks he does (rescues cats) What society thinks he does (lines up innocents and shoots them) What his comrades think he does (drinks whiskey) What he thinks he does (acts all badass) What he actually does (dies)
Ship Admiral Nakhimov with several trebuchets photoshopped onto it, caption 'Admiral Nakhimov's 26 year long refit is complete! Latest top-secret Trebyugofars observed installed, expected to complete submarine exercises early September
Ukraine pony lying down with dove perched on feet


bear poking its nose into a Ukraine-colored tent

...something about the geopolitical situation explained using a bear...

I can count to potato borshct!
somber pony draped in Ukraine flag


hard time defeating Ukrainians? Cope-strike a mall instead.
Russian Ural-4320 driver didn't realize the R79 bridge over the Oskil River was out
Ukrainian forces captured a damaged T-72B tank, which was previously lost to the Russian army in the vicinity of Izium, Kharkiv Oblast in early April
T-shirt with warrior stabbing a bear, caption 'Glory to Ukraine, glory to the heroes'

(translation: Glory to Ukraine, glory to the heroes)

Some great news! The HIMARS are proving extremely effective in assisting Ukraine! Russian Telegram chats literally beg Putin to 'please do something!' And that HIMARS are wiping out Russian positions with mass casualties. Map of Russian stockpiles destroyed by Ukraine using HIMARS.
Putin sitting at a table very, very far away from people he is meeting with


Putin shoots Ukraine and says that it's NATO's fault, the West wants to fight us to the last Ukrainian
What you think you said: Angry Wolf. What we all heard: Derpy Tame Dog

(Putin is trying to be Angry Wolf, and actually being Derpy Dog.)

HIMARS with a long-range missile pod saying, 'Do you have any unprotected oil depots in 300km range?'
Fuck off Russia, nobody likes you

This should not be taken as the authoritative archive of Ukraine memes, just a thing I did for my own amusement in my spare time.